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  • More New Customers And Access To New Markets
  • Effortlessly Create Your Own Branded RPM Platform
  • Get A Quick And Cheap ISO-Certified QMS
  • The Real SECRET For Hacking Growth In The MedTech Industry​
   19 June, 2020 
  13:00 (CEST)
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What the webinar will teach you
Secret #1: How TO get a positive ROI on YOUR MedTEch Product
  • Discover how to get instant access to new markets
  • Learn how to get a positive ROI in record time 
  • See how business development cost can be eliminated
Secret #2: HOw TO get ISO Compliance quickly  Without Increased Cost
  • Learn how to a get an ISO certification by using tools already developed by others 
  • Discover how to circumvent the long approval times and huge resource investments 
  • See how others have done it before you  
Secret #3: How to Integrate With any medical protocol System 
  • Learn how to enable your MedTech product to integrate with any system
  • Discover how to instantly get 40+ physical indicators enabled 
  • Learn to plug into protocols that are complicated and require multi-morbidity support
About the panel
Thomas Ravnholt
Co-Founder, CTO
Thomas Ravnholt co-founded OpenTeleHealth in 2015, and since then has been key to the development into one of Europe's most renowned telehealth products. He is dedicated to creating flawless and functional patient engagement platform, where communication becomes simpler and where doctors can ensure patients' health needs are met within the walls of their own homes. Through development of OTH's groundbreaking technology Thomas has made health tracking simple.
Henrik Ibsen
Co-Founder, CEO
Since his work in creating Denmark's health portal, Henrik Ibsen has made a name for himself within the field of healthcare IT. Along with Thomas he founded OTH to create the Linux of Telehealth and make mobile health affordable for everyone and more accessible everywhere. Henrik is motivated by his passion for saving and improving lives and ensuring high quality health care for everyone, no matter their location, financial situation or way of life.
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